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Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Services in Everett, Washington

Snodgrass & Warren, Inc., P.S. is a full-service debt relief agency dedicated to providing our clients with effective solutions to their financial problems. With personalized services, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans, Snodgrass & Warren, Inc., P.S. is your source for total debt relief with offices in Everett and Bellevue, for your convenience.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy is a legal procedure for dealing with debt problems of individuals and businesses. As your bankruptcy attorneys, we help guide you in the direction of debt relief and determine if bankruptcy is the answer for you.
Worried man — Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Services in Everett, Washington

The Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn't the end—it's a new beginning! There are many, many advantages to filing for bankruptcy, including:
  • Creditors May Not Commence Most Legal Proceedings against a Debtor Who Has Filed for Relief under Bankruptcy.
  • An Individual Who Finds Their Job Threatened by Garnishment & Creditor Contact May Find This Relief Desirable to Prevent Discharge from Employment.
  • An Orderly, Systematic Set of Rules Determines Any Property Distribution or the Amount One Must Pay to Creditors.
  • Most Pre-Bankruptcy Debts, depending upon the Type of Debt, Will Be Discharged by the Court, Giving an Overextended Individual a Fresh Start.
  • With Few Exceptions, Creditors Have No Claim on a Debtor's Future Income or Assets.
  • Federal & State Laws Permit a Debtor to Exempt Some or All Property from the Claims of Creditors.
  • Certain Liens & Involuntary Transfers, such as Garnishments, May Be Avoided if Timely Action Is Taken.
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